Krista Laposi, SG Member

"Young Living products have had a pretty profound effect on my family. We are way more aware of what we are putting onto and into our bodies. We are actively turning away from chemical-laden cleaners and personal care products. We are sick less. We are are stressed less (well.....most of the time!). I knew oils were going to be great for my family. What I didn't realize is how amazing the oils community and Something Gorgeous Essentials was going to be for me personally. It has given me amazing friendships, and an opportunity to really connect with people. And it all started with 11 little bottles!!!"

Celebs love Young Living Essential Oils too!

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Kerry Washington says she keeps YL blends, Joy and Inspiration on her nightstand

— Marie Claire, April 2013

[photo from Instagram @kerrywashington]


Maria Menounos 

"My new obsession...put a little dab on...and I'm asleep like a baby!!" [picture of Young Living Lavender on her Instagram]

[photo from Instagram @mariamenounos]



Kristin Cavallari

“I use a diffuser all the time,” she says. “I use grapefruit a lot—I find it really energizing and I love how it smells. Lavender’s also a year-round favourite, as is peppermint. [...] In cold and flu season, I have my immunity-boosting blend: lavender, thieves, lemon, oregano, and frankincense.”

[photo from Instagram @kristincavallari]